Simons Conference on Quantum and Reversible Computation, Stony Brook, May 28-31, 2003

Organized by

C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics,
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Institute for Mathematical Sciences,
Mathematics Department

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Organizing Committee

Alexandre Abanov, Dmitri Averin, Thomas Bergeman, James Glimm, Paul D. Grannis, Detlef Gromoll, Alexander Kirillov, Vladimir Korepin (Chairman), H. Blaine Lawson, Konstantin Likharev, James Lukens, Harold Metcalf, John Milnor, Sorin Popescu, Michael Rijssenbeek, Vasili Semenov, Robert Shrock, George Sterman, Scott Sutherland, Jacobus Verbaarschot and William Weisberger

Quantum information and quantum computation has been a rapidly developing field attracting interest from mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists.

The goal of this conference is to generate interaction between mathematicians, computer scientists and physicists trying to build quantum computers. We will stimulate this interaction with lectures on recent developments by world-experts. We shall have lectures on quantum algorithms, quantum information theory, cryptography, entanglement and quantum error correcting codes [ we shall have a special lecture on modular functors]. We shall organize lectures on recent developments in Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, Josephson-junction, QED cavities, ion trapes and quantum optical systems.

The conference will also cover reversible information processing, which is of interest in classical as well as in quantum computing. The reversible nature of the quantum evolution of isolated systems makes logical reversibility on the classical level a prerequisite for any realization of a quantum computer. Reversible computing does not generate the heat associated with information erasure, and is therefore of interest in reducing the heat produced by classical computers.

This conference has been made possible through a generous donation by James H. Simons.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Dmitri Averin, SUNY at Stony Brook
  • Viacheslav Belavkin, University of Nottingham
  • Charles H. Bennett, IBM
  • Boris Blinov, FOCUS Center and University of Michigan
  • Sougato Bose, Institute for Quantum Information, Caltech
  • Tommaso Calarco, NIST
  • Andrew Childs, MIT
  • Ignacio Cirac, Max-Planck-Institute, Munich
  • Sankar Das Sarma, University of Maryland
  • Nilanjana Datta, University of Cambridge
  • Ivan Deutsch, University of New Mexico
  • Michel Devoret, Yale
  • David DiVincenzo, IBM
  • Alexander J. Dragt, University of Maryland
  • Edward H. Farhi, MIT
  • Rozario Fazio, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy
  • Michael P. Frank, University of Florida
  • Vladimir Goldman, SUNY at Stony Brook
  • Siyuan Han, University of Kansas
  • Mark Hillery, Hunter College, CUNY
  • Pawel Horodecki, Technical University of Gdansk
  • Alexander Kirillov, SUNY at Stony Brook
  • Vladimir Korepin, SUNY at Stony Brook
  • Andrew Landahl, MIT
  • Lev Levitin, Boston University
  • Hoi Kwong Lo, University of Toronto
  • Daniel Loss, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • James Lukens, SUNY at Stony Brook
  • Chris Monroe, U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Luis A. Orozco, SUNY at Stony Brook
  • Maxim Raginsky, Northwestern University
  • Vasili Semenov, SUNY at Stony Brook
  • Peter Shor, AT&T
  • Tommaso Toffoli, Boston University
  • Vlatko Vedral, Imperial College, London
  • Guifre Vidal, Inst. Quantum Information, Cal. Tech
  • Andreas Winter, University of Bristol, England
  • Horace Yuen, Northwestern University
  • Paolo Zanardi, MIT
  • Peter Zoller, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Innsbruck

  • Applications to contribute papers to a poster session will be accepted starting on October 15 of 2002 (applicants should be registered). The deadline for application is April 1, 2003. In order to apply, send an abstract as a standard LaTeX attachment to Dr. Chi Ming Hung (

    Registration deadline is 5/26 and there will be no on-site registration. Registration fees are not refundable.

    Contact Persons:
    Elizabeth Gasparino

    C. N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics
    State University of New York
    Stony Brook, NY 11794-3840

    phone: 631-632-7979
    fax: 631-632-7954
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