George Sterman presents 2018 Heinrich Hertz Lecture at DESY on the way to Vienna’s Schroedinger Guest Professorship

Tuesday, 19 March 2019 11:43 administrator

The Heinrich Hertz Lecture is an annual English-speaking public event, presented  in Hamburg Germany each September, by an invited scientist at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY).

This lecture is a memorial to Heinrich Hertz, the native of Hamburg whose nineteenth century demonstration of electromagnetic radiation in the laboratory provided a cornerstone of science and technology ever since.

George presented the Hertz lecture, on his way to the University of Vienna, as its 2018 Schroedinger Guest Professor, giving four lectures over two separate visits.  The second visit was in January 2019.   In fact, George is the third Schroedinger Professor from the YITP over the nearly fifty years that this position has existed.  C.N. Yang visited in 1980 and Peter van Nieuwenhuizen in 1997.   The full list of Schoedinger Professors before George can be found from a presentation at the retirement event for the 1990 honoree, Samuel Bilenky:

After his return, George Presented the same lecture in October, 2018 at Stony Brook’s Worlds of Physics series of public talks.

The 2018 Schoedinger Professorship in Vienna was, by coincidence, preceded by another honorary visit for George in 2017, to the Pauli Center and Federal University (ETH) at Zurich, called a Schroedinger Visiting Professorship.   In the words of the website,

“since 2010 the Pauli Center supports visits by eminent theoretical physicists as Schroedinger Visiting Professors.”   It is worth noting that the 2016 Schoedinger Professor at the Pauli Center was former YITP student Ashoke Sen, advised by George.