Connor Behan wins Stony Brook Presidential Doctoral Research Award

Tuesday, 19 March 2019 12:00 administrator

Connor joins the list of YITP doctoral students who have won the President’s Award for Distinguished Doctoral Research.

Many more YITP students have done distinguished research than can receive this award, but Connor is the seventh YITP winner in the past ten years.   He was preceded since 2006 by Wolfger Peelars (2016), Mao Zeng (2016), Matt von Hippel (2014), Abhijit Gadde (2012), Leandro Almeida (2010) and Ilmo Sung (2010). Our list of even-earlier winners includes Carola Berger (2003), Shu-Chiuan Chang, (2002),  Gianluca Oderda (1999), Shan-Ho Tsai (1998) and Alexander Kusenko (1994).