YITP Associate Sally Dawson of Brookhaven Lab recognized with special DOE Award

Thursday, 17 October 2019 12:26 administrator

Sally Dawson of BNL has been recognized as a DOE Distinguished Scientists Fellow, one of five nationally.   This program was established by the America COMPETES Act, to support discovery science at National Laboratories.    Sally’s many contributions to particle theory, especially to the theory of the production of the Higgs Boson, are widely known and very influential.   The YITP is proud that Sally has served for a long time as an advisor and collaborator of YITP students.   Her most recent paper with a YITP student is from September, 2019:  “QCD Corrections in SMEFT Fits to WZ and WW production”, in collaboration with Sam Homiller.  Sally will receive $1M in research funding over the next three years to continue her work.