Congratulations after a summer like no other

Tuesday, 18 August 2020 11:02 administrator

Every year, Institute graduates go on to the next step in their careers.  The summer of 2020 is no exception, although so much about the experience seems to have changed.  With dedicated support from the faculty and staff of the YITP and Department of Physics and Astronomy, however, the Institute's students reached this year's milestones.  We go into the coming year with renewed confidence in the continuity of the Institute's traditions of  mentorship and research, for students and postdocs alike.

From May to August, we had seven thesis defenses, all on-line.   Because of the distancing and relocations associated with the pandemic, these events were necessarily multi-location, and some were even multi-continent.   With remote access, we may have lacked the shared toasts and treats afterward, but every defense was well-attended, and an occasion for warm expressions of congratulation.

As it turns out, this year, all of this group of graduates have chosen to go on to postdoctoral research positions in fields directly related to their areas of study.   These 2020 graduates are listed below in the order of their thesis defenses, with their dissertation titles, names of advisors and the locations of their postdoctoral positions.   Although not every field of study is represented in this group, the list gives a sense of the breadth of the Institute's research.

Congratulations to the new Ph.D.s!  We hope to see them, not only online, but back at Stony Brook when the times allow.

Jae-Hyeok Chang, "Probing Dark Sectors with Astrophysical Objects", Johns Hopkins U. & U. of Maryland.  Advisor: Rouven Essig.

Yao Ma, "A Forest-Based Subtraction for Wide-Angle Scattering", U. of Edinburgh.   Advisor: George Sterman

Konstantinos Roumpedakis, "Aspects of Gauge Theories in Various Dimensions", U. California Los Angeles.   Advisor:  Martin Rocek.

Julio Viruetta,"Early and Late Dynamics of Entanglement Entropy and Boundaries, U. California, Davis.   Advisors:  Martin Rocek and Christopher Herzog (King's College, London)

Samuel Homiller, "Higgs Couplings as a Gateway to New Fundamental Physics", Harvard U. Advisor: Patrick Meade.

Kyle Lee,  "A Study of Fragmentation Processes through QCD Factorization in Jets and Heavy Quarkonium Production", Lawrence Berkeley Lab.   Advisor:  George Sterman.

Vivek Saxena, "Topics in Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and M Theory", Rutgers U.  Advisor:  Martin Rocek.