Rouven Essig Awarded 2021 New Horizons Prize in Physics

Thursday, 10 September 2020 16:18 administrator

Rouven Essig was named a winner of the 2021 New Horizons Prizes in Physics, "For advances in the detection of sub-GeV dark matter especially in regards to the SENSEI experiment." Three New Horizons prizes are awarded annually for work by junior scientists (a relative term), by the Breakthrough Prize organization. Rouven's co-winners for this prize are our former postdoc, Tien-Tien Yu, now on the faculty at Oregon, together with Tomer Volansky of Tel Aviv, and Javier Tiffenberg of Fermilab.

The SENSEI experiment is already taking data in a preliminary stage at Fermilab,and will move eventually to SNOLAB in Canada.  See:

SENSEI is only one of a new generation of dark matter searches inspired by Rouven's work.

Rouven joins Zohar (2013) as a YITP New Horizons prize recipient.   Last year, Peter van Nieuwenhuizen (YITP), Dan Freedman and Sergio Ferrara received a Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics from the same organization.