Awards to YITP Alumni, junior and senior

Friday, 23 March 2012 12:43 administrator

The Institute congratulates its 2011 graduate, Abhijit Gadde, who was awarded a Stony Brook University President's Award to Distinguished Doctoral Students, based on his dissertation submitted last summer.

Only five such awards are given each year.  Abhijit is now in his first year as a postdoc at Caltech.

Much further along in their careers, YITP graduates Shoucheng Zhang (1988), Professor at Stanford University, and Anne Schilling (1997), Professor at the University of California Davis, were awarded  Simons Foundation Fellowships:

These fellowships support the extension of faculty sabbatical leaves.  Soucheng and Anne were among 77 Simons Fellows nationwide this year.

In addition, Thomas Ryttov, who had recently received a prestigious national research fellowship from Denmark while a research associate at the YITP, won a tenured Associate Professor position at the Center for Particle Physics and Phenomenology, at Southern Denmark University, as of September 2013.