Alfred Scharff Goldhaber Receives Chancellor's Award

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 12:54 administrator

The Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activity is a SUNY-wide award intended to recognize consistently outstanding scholarly and creative productivity of its faculty. Alfred (Fred) Goldhaber joined the YITP and Department of Physics and Astronomy in 1967.   He is being recognized for wide-ranging and important work, in the theory of high energy particle and nuclear collisions,  magnetic monopoles, cosmology, precision tests of the photon's mass and neutrino physics.  In each of these areas he has brought an uncommon creative insight and made contributions of lasting value.   He been active as well on campus, having received, for example, an award for his contributions to student life.   Over the past several years he has collaborated with Robert Crease of the Department of Philosophy in creating an interdisciplinary course that offers undergraduates in all fields the opportunity to examine the quantum revolution that has done so much to shape our world today.  Prof. Crease and Fred have coauthored "The Quantum Moment" on this fascinating subject, just published by W.W. Norton. Fred shares the 2014 honor with Chang Kee Jung of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.   Fred is the second YITP faculty to have received the Chancellor's Award, after John Smith who was recognized in 2005. The award was presented by Samuel L. Stanley, President of Stony Brook University at a ceremony on October 7, 2014. [news link]