International Celebrations for the Fortieth Anniversary of Supergravity's discovery here at Stony Brook

Friday, 15 July 2016 09:20 administrator

Supergravity is a signature discovery of the YITP and has become a part of the discourse of a wide spectrum of theoretical and experimental physics and in mathematics.

In the words of the Cern Courier, supergravity "has inspired and continues to inspire generations of physicists, theorists and experimentalists alike." Its discovery in 1976, here at the YITP, has already been marked by a CERN event on June 24 and at the 54th Ettore Majorana School of Subnuclear Physics: New Physics Frontiers in the LHC-2 ERA ,June 14 - 23.   In Erice, the three co-discoverers, Sergio Ferrara, Daniel Z Freedman and Peter van Nieuwenhuizen, were honored with the Gold Medal of the Ettore Majorana International Centre for Physics.    The ongoing vitality and future prospects of supergravity will be explored in a workshop at the Galileo Galilei Institute in Florence, Italy: Supergravity: what next? on September 5-9.

Along with other milestones in its history, the YITP will celebrate supergravity at its fiftieth anniversary symposium in October.