Alexander Zamolodchikov invested as Yang - Deng Professor of Physics at ceremony attended by C.N. Yang

Thursday, 02 February 2017 13:14 administrator

Alexander Zamolodchikov, joined the faculty of the YITP in September 2016 as the first Chen Ning Yang - Wei Deng Professor of Theoretical Physics.  In January Professor Zamolodchikov attended an investiture ceremony in Beijing, along with C.N. Yang and Stony Brook's President, Samuel Stanley.  At the ceremony,  Prof. Zamlodchikov, who is a pioneer of modern developments in quantum field theory and the theory of solvable models, spoke about the nature of his research, and of its deep connections to influential advances by C.N. Yang when the Institute for Theoretical Physics was young.   The Yang - Deng Professorship was established in response to a major donation by Dr. Wei Deng, President Bright Oceans Corporation, which hosted the event. [ more here ]