Leonardo Rastelli


Ph.D., 2000, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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  • Rastelli's research interests lie at the intersection of quantum field theory and string theory. They have ranged from structural aspects of string theory to purely field-theoretic questions, while usually straddling these two poles. As a graduate student he pioneered the calculation of correlation functions in the AdS/CFT correspondence. Some of his best-known work is in open string field theory, where he introduced new analytic methods that paved the way for a class of exact solutions of the classical equations of motion. Rastelli is currently pursuing the bootstrap program for superconformal field theories. The goal is to chart the space of superconformal field theories in different spacetime dimensions, and to solve concrete models of particular interest, relying only on general symmetry principles and internal consistency requirements (the bootstrap hypothesis). To this end, he is employing a novel combination of mathematical physics and of numerical experimentation. Rastelli is the recipient of an Outstanding Junior Investigator Award, of a Simons Fellowship and of a Guggenheim Fellowship.