Princeton Science Playwriting Competition:

Staged Readings of the 2010-11 Winners


First Prize: “Glass, Darkly” by Eugenia Lily Yu (’12)

Second Prize: “A Quantum Comedy” by Erisa Apantaku (’14)

Third Prize (Tie): “The Language of Love” by Dave Holtz (’10)

                         “Transplant” by Minqi Sebastian Jiang (’12)

Director: Jeffrey Kuperman (’12)

Admission is free.

To reserve seats, send email to

The object of the competition is science education and outreach.  We would like to find ways of making scientific ideas, and in particular ideas in physics and mathematics, more accessible to the general public.  In our opinion, scientific ideas are at their most accessible when framed within a play of exceptional artistic merit.  The winners of the 2010-11 competition (which was open to all Princeton University students) we felt best exemplified this ideal.

The Princeton Science Playwriting Competition is made possible by the Physics Department, the Lewis Center for the Arts, and a grant from the National Science Foundation.


monday October 17, 2011 at 8 pm in Taplin Auditorium

(left) Chien-Shiung Wu, also known as the First Lady of Physics, the Chinese Marie Curie and Madame Wu, features in “Glass, Darkly”; (top right) Schrodinger’s cat, an important idea in “A Quantum Comedy”; (bottom) the sky as seen by WMAP, a satellite for measuring leftover radiation from the Big Bang, features in “The Language of Love”; (bottom right) a hint about the subject of “Transplant”