Numerics for the Third del Pezzo

Along with M.H.'s website, this website is meant as a companion for the paper "Numerical Kaehler-Einstein metric on the third del Pezzo" with arXiv number hep-th/0703057 by C. Doran, M. Headrick, J. Kantor, T. Wiseman, and myself. We had to reduce the figure quality for the arXiv. The original figures are available below.

Below are the .c and .h files used to compile the code for determining a Kaehler-Einstein metric on the third del Pezzo in complex coordinates through Ricci flow. We recommend compiling the code with the optimization flag -O3.



Here are our best grids on a coordinate patch of size 1.02 x 1.02.





The following Mathematica file can be used to analyze these grids.


A Mathematica file with our 18th order polynomial fit of the potential can be found here.

Here is a current pdf of the draft along with a tarball containing the figure files in eps format and a separate tarball with the figures in pdf format. I'll try to keep these files reasonably up to date.


gzipped tex file posted 10:07 pm, PST March 19, 2007

tar ball with eps figures

tar ball with pdf figures

The code for the Kaehler-Einstein metric in symplectic coordinates can be found here.