Name and Address:

ROCEK, Martin
State University of New York at STONY BROOK
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Mail Stop 3800
STONY BROOK , New York 11794 USA

Phone: (516) 632-7965
Fax: (516) 632-7954

Position: Prof Appointed: since 1990


A.B., Chemistry & Physics, Harvard, 1975;

M.A., Physics, Harvard, 1975;

Ph.D., Harvard , 1979

Past Positions:

1986-1990, ITP at SUNY, STONY BROOK, Associate Professor;

1983-1986, ITP at SUNY, STONY BROOK, Assistant Professor;

1981-1982, California Institute of Technology, Postdoctoral Fellow;

1979-1981, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK, Junior Research Fellow


My research interests and expertise are in theoretical physics.

The main focus of my research is string theory, supersymmetry, and related fields. I have been particularly interested in recent progress in the study of low energy effective actions for super Yang-Mills theories with extended supersymmetry. More generally, I am investigating effective actions. In addition, I am pursuing the program of understanding the relation between sigma-models in superspace and complex geometry. In this area, I invented the Hyperkahler quotient, which has found many applications in mathematics as well as in physics. I also continue to investigate duality, a symmetry that relates apparently different theories, and has important geometric ramifications. I also occasionally work on Regge's discrete description of gravity, and have some interest in condensed matter physics.

I have written (with S.J. Gates, M.T. Grisaru, and W.D. Siegel) a textbook called "SUPERSPACE, or 1001 lessons in supersymmetry."

Other Expertise:

Academic Experience:

1979-1981 Junior Research Fellow, Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge;

1981-1982 National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow;

1991 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship


reading, writing, speaking; scale: 1 (basic) to 3 (fluent):

Czech: 3, 2, 3;

German: 2, 1, 2;

French: 2, 1, 2


Giveon, A., ROCEK, M., Effective Actions And Gauge Field Stability. Phys.Lett.B363:173-179,1995;

Lindstrom U., ROCEK, M., A Note On The Seiberg-Witten Solution Of N=2 Superyang-Mills Theory. Phys.Lett.B355:492-493,1995;

Ivanov, I.T., Kim, B.B., ROCEK, M., Complex Structures, Duality And Wzw Models In Extended Superspace. Phys.Lett.B343:133-143,1995;

Ivanov, I.T., Lindstrom, U., ROCEK, M., New N=4 Superfields And Sigma Models. Phys.Lett.B328:49-54,1994;

Giveon, A., ROCEK, M., On Nonabelian Duality. Nucl.Phys.B421:173-190,1994


Physics, Theoretical


physics; theoretical


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