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What makes it different

For information on my course based on this book, see my PHY 610-611 page.
See also an overview of the course.
See also the APS News article.
An interesting article on open source books.

Work in progress

Here is v4 so far. I have incorporated almost all the minor corrections, & added new subsections IC6 (cosets), XIA8 (AdS/CFT), and XIB8 (vertex operators). Still coming, besides a bit of rewrite & expansion: Minor corrections I didn't get to yet (busy with conference):

Chapter XII

  1. p. 839-40,3,5,7,53-4,8,62,4-5: The sign conventions for the antifields of the Yang-Mills ghost & antighost used throughout section XIIB-C are inconsistent with those for the more general case in section XIIC, and should be reversed.
  2. p. 839, middle: Really we should have QΦ=-Q̂Φ (Q-hat), & similarly for J & Ĵ, as explained in subsection IC1.