Where to get v3 (but see below for preliminary v4)

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What makes it different

For information on my course based on this book, see my PHY 610-611 page.
See also an overview of the course.
See also the APS News article.
An interesting article on open source books.

Work in progress on v4

Here is v4 so far. I have incorporated almost all the minor corrections, & added new subsections IC6 (cosets), XIA8 (AdS/CFT), and XIB8 (vertex operators). Minor corrections I didn't get to yet:

Chapter XII

  1. p. 839-40,3,5,7,53-4,8,62,4-5: The sign conventions for the antifields of the Yang-Mills ghost & antighost used throughout section XIIB-C are inconsistent with those for the more general case in section XIIC, and should be reversed.
  2. p. 839, middle: Really we should have QΦ=-Q̂Φ (Q-hat), & similarly for J & Ĵ, as explained in subsection IC1.