Siegel's lectures, PHY 622, F'18

AdS/CFT, etc.

Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination:
There won't be much AdS/CFT correspondence in these lectures, but mostly background on AdS & on CFT.
conformalcovered inhomeworkbackground material
conformal groupIA[3,]6IA6.4-7 (due 10/29)
classical groupsIB1,4-5IB4.1 (due 10/29)
covering groupsIC5[,IIA5]IIA7 (chirality/duality)
coordinate cosetsIC6IC6.1,3* (due 11/2)
break for rest of Roček's lectures
superspaceIIC[1,]2IIC2.2 (due 11/16)IA2 (super indices, classical fermions)
superconformal groups[IB3,]IIC3-4IIC4.2 (due 11/26)
interacting Yang-Mills
covariant derivativeIIIC1IIIA4 (actions & couplings)
lightcone gaugeIIIC2IIIC2.3 (due 11/28)IIB1-3 (arbitrary spin & lightcone gauge)
N=4 super Yang-MillsXC6 (YM)IVC7 (extended susy), XC1-2 (spinors in all dimensions)
more gravity
covariant derivativeIXA1,2IXA2.7 (due 11/30)IC2 (coordinate transformations), IIB1 (weight, spin)
Thanksgiving break
Weyl scale (D>2)IXA7IXA7.7 (due 12/3)IVA7 (dilaton), IXC5 (Weyl scale → Schwarzschild)
lightcone gauge (D>2)IXB3 (LC)
Anti-de Sitter
de Sitter & Anti-de Sitter spacesIXC2IVA2 (σ models)
10D IIB supergravity on AdS₅×S⁵XC7XIA4 (massless superstring spectra), IC3 (Young tableaux)
1/N expansionVIIC4VC2 (diagram topology), VC9 (group theory in diagrams)
definition, spectrumXIA8

Should have been covered: maybe next time?
*Has since been renumbered to IC6.4.