Monday, 24-Feb-2014 11:49:50 EST

OS X 10.9 Mavericks



  1. NetNewsWire for RSS.
  2. BetterTouchTool assigns more stuff to trackpads, etc. I use it to allow tapping in the corners to replace the Home & End keys (which don't exist on my new wireless keyboard), closing windows (⌘W), ⌘-click in Safari & Mail, & Enter Full Screen (⌃⌘F) elsewhere.
  3. Meteo(rologist) is my favorite weather menu item. (I don't even display Dashboard in Mission Control.)
  4. TexShop: Front end for MacTeX. (Doc: paste this link by hand.)
  5. MacFusion is an interface to FUSE for OS X (OSXFUSE; include MacFUSE Compatibility Layer), which mounts (s)ftp volumes as the Finder should, so you can add files, & edit with TextEdit.
  6. Xcode (from the Mac App Store, also in  menu) includes:
  7. In case you lost them, here are some ancient Mac system sounds.
  8. Various versions of Fortran; CERNLIB & other HEP. (Requires Xcode.)

Safari 7

  1. iCloud Keychain: can AutoFill even when websites resist, if password required after period of sleep
  2. Power Saver blocks Flash ads
  3. Safari Extensions (link in Safari menu) install automatically from Apple's site:
    1. Franker translates selected text/whole page, inserting translation following original.
    2. Tabletoy allows floating table headers & sorting by columns.
    3. ClickToPlugin:
      1. Blocks flash.
      2. Replaces it with HTML5 when available (e.g., on YouTube), & allows downloading it. (Also Media Center downloads HTML5 stuff more generally. Note: GarageBand will convert ≤ 40 sec. segments of videos into ringtones.)
    4. YouTube Lyrics shows lyrics for YouTube music videos.
  4. If audio is played as Flash instead of HTML5, it can be saved using Soundflower & QuickTime Player: Set the sound output in System Preferences, & the microphone in New Audio Recording in QuickTime Player (but leave its volume @ minimum), to "Soundflower (2ch)".
  5. Ad blocking: GlimmerBlocker (Java), http proxy (in System Preferences; for all all browsers, & even RSS readers).
  6. MathML (needs work).
  7. QuickTime (7) Plug-in will view QuickTime Virtual Reality & MIDI files, which QuickTime (X) Player won't. (GarageBand will import & edit MIDI.)


  1. Vector graphics ("draw"): LibreOffice (Draw)
  2. 3D graphics (raytracing, etc.): Art of Illusion (Java); saves as JPG (e.g.), but Preview will convert to PDF.
  3. Bitmap graphics ("paint"):
  4. JaxoDraw (Java) draws Feynman diagrams with just the trackpad/mouse. (Others require programming & specifying coordinates.)
    FidoCadJ (also Java) does the same with circuit diagrams.



  1. Substitution, built-in (e.g., 1/2 → ½) or added (e.g., ^2 → ²). Set up in System Preferences… > Personal > Language & Text > Text. Use menu item Edit > Substitutions > Text Replacement. Great if you like to type math (in email, e.g.) as Unicode.
  2. ⌥⌫ deletes words.
  3. 2-finger single tap (right-click on mouse) on a typo to choose a correct spelling is easier than retyping.
    ⌃T between 2 letters to transpose them.
    Also note the menu item Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Correct Spelling Automatically.
  4. 3-finger swipe (click & drag with mouse) to select text as contiguous letters.
    1-finger double-tap (select word) & 3-finger swipe (double-click & drag with mouse) to do it with words.
    Triple-tap (-click) with paragraphs.
  5. Character Viewer for all Unicode characters (e.g., math in Mail): "Edit > Special Characters...", or add directly to Title Bar by selecting in "System Preferences… > Personal > Language & Text > Input Sources". (See also my Unicode page.)
  6. STIX fonts (now included in OS X) have TeX characters, useful in figures, MathML, etc.
  7. Preview form input. (But for reading the output in Acrobat, save by printing to PDF, or see this article.)


  1. In a home folder window, View > Show View Options > Show Library Folder.
  2. Screen Sharing (also in Messages) allows remote control of your Mac (even over the internet).
  3. ⌘⇧4 to select portion of screen for snapshot, or hit space for camera to select window (or dock, menu bar, or desktop for all).
  4. To create an alias while dragging, hold down ⌥⌘. (⌥ alone creates a copy.)
  5. You can stick any files you want in iCloud. I put a TeX file in my iCloud TextEdit directory, & tex it there. (This is the reverse of running an app in the cloud.)


  1. News/rumors: 9T🕘 5Mac (RSS).
  2. Apple keynote coverage (also engadget)
  3. To get to the Dock in Full Screen mode, go "past" the bottom.
  4. Enlarge cursor: System Preferences > Accessibility > Display.
  5. To add a keyboard shortcut for a menu item, System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts. If you want to add a shortcut for something with an ambiguous "last name", you need to give the full Menu Title, separated by "->" (not ">") w/o spaces.
  6. In LaunchPad, drag an item on top of another to create a folder; hold ⌥ to get wiggly icons with X's for deletion.
  7. Grapher (in Applications > Other) also does equations nicely; for arithmetic, just delete the "x=" (or whatever) & type. You can even export the equation as (La)TeX: Use the secondary click & select the menu item.
  8. Quicktime Player does screen video capture.


  1. Preview ("features"?):
    1. No more bookmarked files (just bookmarks in files).
    2. I have to reset to Table of Contents after going to FullScreen; then I can't hide it.
    3. Doesn't always open pdf's to the last opened page.
  2. My mouse cursor frequently disappears upon waking from sleep. It isn't the batteries (charge or brand). Usually if I take the batteries out & put them back in that fixes it.
  3. If you get disconnected from Ethernet, you can restart the connection with this AppleScript that contains the code:
    do shell script "sudo ifconfig en0 down; sudo sleep 10; sudo ifconfig en0 up" with administrator privileges
  4. General fixes for new bugs, not associated with system/app upgrade, not described on the Web:
    1. Restart the app. If the problems persist,
    2. Delete the preference files for that app in ~/Library/Preferences/ ... after quitting. Empty the trash. You may also need to restart, if it's system-wide. Of course, you'll lose all your preferences.
  5. When a file won't delete because it claims it's in use, Secure Empty Trash.