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Professor - C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics
Math Tower - 6-116B
Stony Brook University
Office Phone 631-632-7985

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Background and Research Interests:

I am currently a Professor in the C.N. Yang Insititute for Theoretical Physics at Stony Brook University. I joined the YITP in 2009 after having completed my PhD in high energy theoretical physics from Cornell University in 2006 and spending time as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University and the Institute for Advanced Study. My research interests are focused mainly on physics beyond the Standard Model. I am interested in both phenomenological and theoretical aspects of new physics. Some recently investigated topics include Baryogenesis, Collider Physics, Dark Matter, Flavor Physics, Supersymmetry, Thermal QFTs, and QCD resummation. In general, I am mostly interested in developing and applying Quantum Field Theory techniques to understand our universe.

I am also actively involved in planning and advocating for the future of High Energy Physics. I have been involved in a number of proposals for future experiments and colliders. I have given many colloquiums on this topic and I am always happy to advocate to new audiences. I am particularly interested in a Muon Collider which would represent a paradigm shift for the field and could enable a much deeper understanding of our universe. Muon Collider R&D was recognized by the most recent US HEP prioritization process P5 as "our Muon shot".

The YITP has vibrant programs in both formal and phenomenological theory, and we have close connections to the Physics Department, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, and Brookhaven National Laboratory. For example, the Stony Brook physics department has one of the few academic accelerator physics groups in the US, and I have recently been co-advising an accelerator PhD student on Muon Colliders with a BNL staff member.

My research has been supported by the NSF as co-PI of NSF grant PHY-0653354, PI of the NSF CAREER award PHY-1056833, NSF award PHY-1620628, NSF award PHY-1915093, and most recently by PHY-2210533. For muon collider accelerator physics work I have been supported by a BNL-SBU seed grant.

As part of my research in the past, I devloped a monte carlo tool in collaboration with Matt Reece for simulating particle decays BRIDGE

YITP Postdocs and Students

The YITP is a large theory group and I have worked directly with several postdocs and students who have been part of the YITP, including some of whom I have supervised for their PhD. Contact me if you are interested in a position in our group.



  • Dimitrios Athanasakos
  • Matthew Forslund*
  • Samuel Homiller* (PhD 2020, Postdoc Harvard)
  • Artemis Giannakopoulou*
  • Prerit Jaiswal (private industry)
  • Harikrishnan Ramani* (PhD 2017, faculty U. Delaware)
  • Pin-Ju Tien* (PhD 2015, private industry)
  • Mao Zeng (postdoc UCLA)
  • *=I am/was primary PhD supervisor

CV and Papers:

Articles related to myself and my research group:

Lecture Courses Given

  • PHY 431: Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • PHY 610: Quantum Field Theory I
  • PHY 611: Quantum Field Theory II
  • PHY 613: Advanced Particle Physics
  • PHY 620: Modern General Relativity
  • PHY 680: Topics in Advanced Particle Physics

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