PHY 621, Advanced Quantum Field Theory

Spring 2010 (MWF 11:45-12:40), P125

Warren Siegel

office consultation available on request

As the name indicates, this course requires as a prerequisite some familiarity with quantum field theory. It will cover both introductory & advanced topics. Auditors are welcome; come to the parts that interest you.

The content of the course changes from year to year. This semester the topic will be

Mostly supersymmetry

  1. simple & extended
  2. Poincaré, anti-de Sitter, conformal
  3. mostly superspace: off-shell, lightcone, twistor
  4. actions & supergraphs
  5. possibile additional topics: super-instantons, supergravity


The course will begin with a "review" of some topics you may have covered in previous courses (quantum field theory or relativity), and are useful in their own right. We'll progress to the standard simple (N=1) supersymmetry, and finish with extended (N>1) supersymmetry, including the seldom(never?)-taught extended superspace.
  1. Non-super
    1. spinor notation
    2. nonlinear σ-models & cosets
    3. projective lightcone: conformal, (anti-)de Sitter, Poincaré
    4. operators: symmetry generators & covariant derivatives
    5. covariant differentials & finite differences; integration measure
    6. spinor representations for cosets
    7. twistors & lightcone
  2. Supersymmetry
    1. supergroups
    2. supertwistors
    3. superspaces: chiral & projective
  3. N=1 superspace
    1. free theories: actions & components
    2. scalar multiplet
    3. vector multiplet: covariant derivative & prepotential
    4. extended in terms of N=1
  4. N=1 supergraphs
    1. scalar multiplet
    2. vector multiplet
  5. N=2 superspace
    1. scalar multiplet
    2. vector multiplet
  6. N=2 supergraphs
  7. N=4? AdS/CFT?



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