Research at the YITP

The research interests at the YITP are very broad, and cover both formal theory, phenomenology, cosmology, and quantum information. Moreover, the close connections to the Department of Physics and Astonomy, the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics , and Brookhaven National Laboratory make the YITP an exciting place to be. If you are interested in joining the YITP as a PhD student, you should apply to the Physics & Astronomy graduate program at Stony Brook University.

My Research Group

I am fortunate to have many talented collaborators at Stony Brook University and elsewhere. In particular, I have worked with many excellent students at the YITP. Here is a list of my current and former Stony Brook PhD, MA, and MSI students, as well as current and former Stony Brook postdocs who I have worked with:

Current PhD Students:

  • Jae Hyeok Chang (particle theory)
  • Mukul Sholapurkar (particle theory)
  • Daniel Gift (particle theory, SENSEI)
  • Cheng Zhen (joint particle theory & condensed matter, jointly advised with Prof. Fernandez-Serra)

Current MA/MSI Students:

  • Ranit Das (MA) (will move to a PhD at Rutgers)
  • Luke Chaplinsky (MSI, experimentalist on SENSEI)
  • Sravan Munagavalasa (MSI, experimentalist on SENSEI)

Current Postdocs:

  • Daniel Egana-Ugrinovic, PhD 2016 (Rutgers)

Yiming Zhong and Andrea Massari at their graduation ceremony (2016)
Yiming Zhong and Andrea Massari at their graduation ceremony
Former PhD Students:
  • Yiming Zhong, PhD 2016 (Stony Brook)
  • Andrea Massari, PhD 2016 (Stony Brook)

Former MA/MSI Students:

  • Dawa Lnu (MA, experimentalist on SENSEI)
  • Siddharth Vadnerkar (MA, joint theory/condensed matter) (now PhD student at UC Davis)

Former Postdocs:
  • Kosaku Tobioka, PhD 2014 (Berkeley) (now faculty at Florida State)
  • David Curtin, PhD 2011 (Cornell) (now faculty at Toronto)
  • Samuel McDermott, PhD 2014 (Michigan) (now Schramm fellow at Fermilab-->
  • Vardan Khachatryan, PhD 2010 (Yerevan) (worked on APEX experiment) (now at Cornell)
  • Ze'ev Surujon, PhD 2008 (Technion)
  • Tien-Tien Yu, PhD 2013 (Wisconsin) (now faculty at Oregon)