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Quantum Information Science Group at C.N. Yang Institute 

If you are interested in doing research with us, please talk to us.

Prof. Vladimir Korepin
Associate Prof. Tzu-Chieh Wei

PhD students:
Abhishodh Prakash
Nikko Pomata
Yanzhu Chen

Master students:
Gaurang Parkar

Former group members

Dr. Ching-Yu Huang (Postdoc, Sep 2014-Feb. 2017; now at NCTS Taiwan)
Dr. Artur Garcia-Saez (Postdoc, Oct. 2012- Apr. 2015; now at Barcelona Supercomputing Center)

PhD students:
Colin West (graduated May 2016; now at University of California at Santa Cruz)
You Quan Chong (PhD student supervised by Prof. Korepin, Aug. 2011- May 2015;  was at Mathematica, then at Google)
Raul Santos (PhD student supervised by Prof. Korepin; now at Weizmann Institute of Science)
Francis Paraan (PhD student supervised by Prof. Korepin; now at University of the Philippines Diliman)

Master students:
Aydin Deger (Master student 2014-2016; now at Aalto University, Finnland)
Yingbing You (Master student 2015-2016)
Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup (Master student 2014-2015; now at University of Innsbruck) 
Maximilian Wagner (Master student 2014-2015; now at University of Wurzburg)
Nicholas Valente (Master student in Mathematics) 

Undergraduate students:
Ximing Wang (graduated Dec. 2016)
Qihui Lyu (Exchange undergraduate student from Nanjing Univesrity, 2015; currently PhD student at UCLA)

High school students:
Minh-Thi Nguyen (Simons Summer Research Fellow from Los Alamitos High School, 2016; currently at Princeton University)
John Liang (Simons Summer Research Fellow from Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School, 2015; now at Stanford University)
Kevin Lee (University High School in Irvine, visiting as a Simons Summer Research Fellow, 2013; now at Harvard University)

Quantum Information and Computation & Condensed Matter Meeting/Seminar 

See here.