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Teaching Activities

Spring 2017: PHY251 Modern Physics

Fall 2016: PHY126-R01 Classical Physics B
                PHY670 (for schedules of talks, please check with YITP calendar)

Spring 2016: PHY 308 Quantum Physics and PHY578 Quantum Physics for Teachers                   
                    PHY670 Seminar in Theoretical Physics

Fall 2015: PHY670 Seminar in Theoretical Physics (Seminar ITP) [YITP seminar calendar]

Spring 2015: PHY 308 Quantum Physics and PHY578 Quantum Physics for Teachers

Fall 2014: PHY126-R01 Classical Physics B (1-1:53pm Monday, Room Phys P116; Office hours: 9-10:30am)

Spring 2014: PHY680.01 Quantum Computing

Fall 2013: PHY131-R10 Classical Physics I (8:30-9:23am Thurs, Room Phys P112; 8-10am Tue Help Room Phys A129)

Spring 2013: PHY598 Graduate Seminar: AMO and Condensed Matter Physics

Fall 2012: PHY566 Quantum Electronics II (Quantum Optics and Introduction to Quantum Information)

Spring 2012: PHY680-01 Quantum Computing and Quantum Information