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Wei  Tzu-Chieh Wei

  Assistant Professor
  C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics
  State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY 11794
  Phone: (631) 632-7966
  Fax: (631) 632-7954
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What's new?

** Sep 17, 2015 ** My work "Density of Yang-Lee zeros in the thermodynamic limit from tensor network methods" with Artur Garcia-Saez has appeared in Phys. Rev. B 92, 125132 (2015)

** Sep 11, 2015 ** My work “Symmetry-protected topologically ordered states for universal quantum computation ” with Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup has appeared in arXiv:1509.02947

** Sep 3, 2015 ** My work with Colin West and Artur Garcia-Saez on "Efficient evaluation of high-order moments and cumulants in tensor network states" has appeared in Phys. Rev. B 92, 115103 (2015)

** Sep 1, 2015 ** My work with Artur Garcia-Saez on "Density of Yang-Lee zeros in the thermodynamic limit from tensor network methods” has appeared in arXiv:1508.07751

** Aug 17-21, 2015 ** Attend Workshop on Quantum Marginals and Numerical Ranges held at the University of Guelph

** Aug 6, 2015 ** My work with Ching-Yu Huang on "Transition of a Z3 topologically ordered phase to trivial and critical phases" has appeared in Phys. Rev. B 92, 085405 (2015)

** Aug 6, 2015 ** My work with Abhishodh Prakash on "Ground-state forms of 1D symmetry-protected topological phases and their utility as resource states for measurement-based quantum computation" has now appeared in Phys. Rev. A 92, 022310 (2015)

** July 9, 2015 ** My work with Robert Raussendorf on "Universal measurement-based quantum computation with spin-2 Affleck-Kennedy-Lieb-Tasaki states" has appeared in Phys. Rev A 92, 012310 (2015).

** May 28, 2015 ** My work with Trent M. Graham, Herbert J. Bernstein, Marius Junge, and Paul G. Kwiat on  “SuperDense teleportation using hyperentangled photons” has appeared in Nature Communications 6, 7185 (2015). Media coverages:  1,2&3

** May 20, 2015 ** I attended TQC2015 and gave a talk there.

My Teaching

Fall 2015: PHY670 Seminar in Theoretical Physics (Seminar ITP) [YITP seminar calendar]
Spring 2015: PHY308 Quantum Physics
                      PHY578 Quantum Physics for Teachers
Fall 2014: PHY126-R01 Classical Physics B
Spring 2014: PHY680.01 Quantum Computing
Fall 2013: PHY131-R10 Classical Physics I
Spring 2013: PHY598 Graduate Seminar: AMO and Condensed Matter Physics
Fall 2012: PHY566 Quantum Electronics II (Quantum Optics)
Spring 2012: PHY680.01 Quantum Computing and Quantum Information

My research interests

include, but not limited to

(1)  Quantum Information Science: quantum computing, quantum entanglement, quantum state manipulation, complexity theory etc.
(2)  Condensed Matter Physics: intrinsic and symmetry-protected topological phases, superconductivity, superfluidity, cold atoms and optical lattices, carbon nanotubes, graphenes, etc.
(3)  Tensor-Network methods: MPS, PEPS, etc.

Detailed description is being updated; see here

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Physical Review B
Nature Physics

Virtual Journals:
Quantum Information
Nano Science & Technology
Applications of Superconductivity
Atomic Quantum Fluids

UBC Physics and Astronomy
Institute for Quantum Computing

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Department of Physics, University of Illinois

CN Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics

Department of Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook University

Simons Center for Geometry and Physics


Preskill Lecture Notes

Quantum Meetings (Daniel Lidar's)
Quantum Conferences (Andrew White's)

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From JFK: It is highly recommended using JFK airport. Use the Airtrain at JFK to Jamaica Station. (Before exiting Airtrain station at Jamaica, you need to purchase a ticket, which contains 5 dollars for Airtrain and LIRR train fare to Port Jefferson or Stony Brook. (Check the timetable to determine whether it is a peak or off-peak.) At Jamaica Station, take the train (Long Islands Rail Road) towards Port Jefferson and Stony Brook Station (next to the campus) is the last stop before Port Jefferson Station. [Note that you may need to transfer at Hungtington or Hicksville, but it is very easy.] If you stop at Port Jefferson, you need to take a taxi to your hotel. Visitors usually stay either at Danfords Hotel at Port Jefferson or Hilton Garden Inn on Stony Brook campus.

From LGA, you need to arrange a shuttle, e.g., SuperShuttle or else you can take a taxi to Jamaica Station, then follow the above instruction to Stony Brook or Port Jefferson. Or you can take Q70 bus from LGA to Woodside station of LIRR (http://www.mta.info/news/2013/09/06/fly-laguardia-lirr) and from Woodside you can get to Huntington (via the Ronkonkoma line) and transfer to one that goes to Stony Brook (Port Jeffersion line).

From New Havens, Boston or north east by train: take Amtrack to Bridgeport, CT. Go to the ferry terminal, take the ferry from Bridgeport to Port Jefferson. The Danfords Hotel is right next to the ferry at Port Jefferson.

From Danfords Hotel to Stony Brook, there is a hotel shuttle. Ask the front desk the night before to arrange. Usually there are visitors to Simons Center using that shuttle service as well. The shuttle driver knows Simons Center. YITP is at the 6th floor of Math Tower, next to Simons Center.

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