Princeton University
Physics 305 Fall 2009

Person Role Office Phone Number E-mail Office hours
Chris Herzog Instructor Jadwin 331 8-4743 cpherzog T: 2-4
Guilherme Pimentel TA Jadwin 419 8-0937 gpimente W: 6-7
Silviu Pufu TA Jadwin 357 8-4384 spufu W: 5-6

There will be a weekly problem session Tuesdays at 8 pm in Jadwin A08.


Useful Stuff

Remarks on Group Theory

Remarks on FD and BE Distributions

Hints on using Mathematica

Path integral notes

Entanglement and the Density Matrix

Quantum Teleportation

Quantum Computing

Last Year's Midterm Exam

Problem Sets

Problem Set 1

Problem Set 2

Problem Set 3

Problem Set 4

Problem Set 5

Problem Set 6

Problem Set 7

Problem Set 8

Problem Set 9

Problem Set 10