C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics

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  • Leonardo Rastelli Awarded Humboldt Fellowship

  • Robert Shrock Named Distinguished Professor

  • 2021 J. J. and Noriko Sakurai Dissertation Award in Theoretical Particle Physics to 2020 YITP graduate Sam Homiller

Leonardo Rastelli named Renaissance Chair of Theoretical Physics

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The Renaissance Chair in Theoretical Physics has been established in recognition and support of the ongoing research at the Institute.  It was established with gifts from the Simons Foundation and three private individuals.   Leonardo Rastelli's appointment as the first Renaissance is in recognition of hiis wide-ranging contributions to string theory and quantum field theory, his leadership role in the scientific community and his outstanding mentorship of students and junior researchers.


Alexander Zamolodchikov named SUNY Distinguished Professor

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Alexander Zamolodchikov is recognized as a giant in quantum field theory, which is the language of modern theoretical physics. He is associated with foundational advances in theoretical physics, which continue to guide contemporary advances in quantum field theory, as well as the related areas of statistical mechanics, string theory and of mathematics.


Leonardo Rastelli named Simons Investigator

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Leonardo Rastelli is among the select group of physicists named as 2020 Simons Investigators.

"Simons Investigators are outstanding theoretical scientists who receive a stable base of research support from the foundation, enabling them to undertake the long-term study of fundamental questions."


Peter van Nieuwenhuizen Shares $3M Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for “Invention of Supergravity”. Peter’s work with Dan Freedman and Sergio Ferrara was done at Stony Brook.

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[View the ceremony!]

The Breakthrough Prize cites the “powerful influence" of the supergravity formalism, which provided the first quantum field theory that truly unified gravity with the strong, electromagnetic and weak forces of the Standard Model.   It has served as a link from string theory to many realms of physics and mathematics, with applications to condensed matter and nuclear physics.

This award is only the fifth Special Breakthrough Prize, a category in its own right, and the invention of Supergravity joins the discoveries of gravitational waves, of pulsars, of the Higgs boson, and those of Stephen Hawking, in receiving this recognition.

YITP Associate Sally Dawson of Brookhaven Lab recognized with special DOE Award

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Sally Dawson of BNL has been recognized as a DOE Distinguished Scientists Fellow, one of five nationally.   This program was established by the America COMPETES Act, to support discovery science at National Laboratories.    Sally’s many contributions to particle theory, especially to the theory of the production of the Higgs Boson, are widely known and very influential.   The YITP is proud that Sally has served for a long time as an advisor and collaborator of YITP students.   Her most recent paper with a YITP student is from September, 2019:  “QCD Corrections in SMEFT Fits to WZ and WW production”, in collaboration with Sam Homiller.  Sally will receive $1M in research funding over the next three years to continue her work.


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