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Quantum Gravity and Field Theory

Quantization of sine-Gordon equation: φtt - φxx +m2 sin(φ)= 0

Quantum inverse scattering method

Six vertex model and boundary conditions

  • Norm of a bound state is proportional to the Jacobian.
  • In one dimensional Fermi-Hubbard model the square of the norm of Bethe wave function is also proportional to the determinant of second derivatives of Yang's action .
  • The R-matrix for Zhiber-Shabat-Mikhailov model was discovered in 1981. Domain wall boundary conditions for 19 vertex model was introduced and determinant representation obtained
  • IK loop model is used as a floor decoration of Vienna airport. Look at an illustration
  • Quantum search algorithms

    Correlation functions in exactly solvable models

    Quantum entanglement

    Lieb-Liniger model of one dimensional anyons

    Fermi Hubbard model in one dimension

    Supersymmetric extension




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